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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
10:15 am
I got off work at 2:30 yesterday and rushed home. No, it cant be here this quickly. But yes. It was on my door step. My PS2 Flip Top and swap discs. It was tough to install and I kept having to break off pieces for it to fit on my freakin V1 PS2, but success. I booted up IIDX 6th Style, dusted off my IIDX controller and played until my hands fell off. I can pass nearly every song on beginner (except R10K and Absolute), and pass a couple L7 4*. I want to buy 7th style now, but I don't get paid until next Wednesday, and I'll already be in school.

I have the rest off the week off, but Thursday I'm going to the beach. I wonder if I can hook up the PS2 to the hotel TV...
Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
10:47 am
w00t and stuff
Gah, this week is going to be long. And boring. I feel like going to the mall to DDR, but the same kid goes everyday. I mean, he's alright, but he plays the same songs over and over. I cant get up before 10am and plus, I have no gas in my car. Part of me, the part that needs money, regrets quiting my job.

Tampa Bay won the cup last night. It's all a conspiracy, they hype up "the possiblity of Andrychuck winning his first cup" the whole series, Calgary shuts them down the entire series, and then they play like crap the last game. It happened 3 years ago with Ray Borque. NJ shoulda won. ABC doesnt want a Canadian team winning on American soil, and they really dont want to see a black man win. Pssh.

Merm's go clubbin tonight. Have fun. Without me.
Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
4:42 pm
Me = idiot
So today was the first day of exams. I feel like I aced both of them, and maybe I've boosted my Honors English grade. Speaking of English, I owe &18 I dont have for a lost book. After shortened school, me and the lunch crew (Merm, Say-rah, and Steph-fannie) went to lunch at Burger King, along with Stephanie's little sister, kristen, and Miriam's "friend" Corey.

Everything was going great, until I suggested we go to the mall. Bad idea. Miriam needed to be home by 2 and it was nearing 1. She told me this, and in my nature, I just casually blew it off until later. We played DDR, saw Sterling (sup!), and had fun.. until about 1:45 when Miriam's mom came to pick her up. Her mother seemed really mad, and Miriam seemed embarassed. And now I feel bad, and it was my fault. Grr, why do I always have the worst solution to everything?

Well, the rest of the crew, sans Corey, walked around the mall. Kristen and I talked for a while. She seems like a really cool girl, but she's a little too young for me. Nothing wrong with being friends. I followed them into all the stores (except Victoria's Secret) and just had fun. I hope miriam isn't mad at me..
Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
3:13 pm
. What was the first ddr version you played: DDRMAX (6th mix)
2. Were you nervous when you were playing for the first time: Yes, since all these people were staring at me
3: What did you think of the game: This is pretty stupid. Why did I want to play this so bad?
4: Did you end up getting addicted to it: Yes. And then I went cold turkey. Then I started again.
5: By any chance do you know how much money you spend on this game: Probably alot less than I think
6. Do you like the songs they have: Not the n00b songs, but the songs no one plays
7. Do you have this at home: Yes. 3 pads that dont work.
8. How long has it been since you started playing: Late 2002

+ is your favorite song: MaxX Unlimited
+ difficultly are you on right now: Heavy
+ was the hardest song you've beaten: MaxX Unlimited
+ will you do if ddr was taken out of all the arcades: Have a lot of extra money around
+ if you owned a ddr machine: I'd have no where to put it
+ is your favorite ddr mix: 5TH MIX
+ is the worst ddr song ever: They all have something good about them, but I cant stand Little Boy
+ ever played doubles: Yep. Not good at it
+ ever fell off the pad before: Nope. Close, but no.
+ ever freestyled: Yes, many times.
+ ever won 1st place in any ddr tournments: No. 6th place is my best
+ ever played any other dancing game besides ddr: Pump, Beatmania IIDX, Dance Freaks
+ ever AA max 300 heavy: No. I will one day
+ ever cleared the extra extra stage: HA. no.

Number of times
+ you played ddr: Two too many
+ you go to the arcade to play: once or twice
+ you broke your home pad: like a week
+ it took you to beat a song you really wanted to beat: It took me forever to pass LoM but thats because I was stupid and kept playing it last stage instead of 1st
+ people made fun of you cause its a weird game: Probably quite a few

1. If you were at the arcade and if you were playing and then someone commented about how you suck a lot, what would you do: Agree with them?

2. If you were the manager of the ddr company what songs would or extra options would you want to put in: Iono

3: Do you think ddr is gonna live forever: Probably, but will I be playing it forever? No
Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
10:43 pm
They will never know..
Nothing eventful. Failed a quiz or two. Made a couple ytmnd.com sites. Made a CD for Miriam. Goin' off campus Thurs. and afterwards, maybe some DDR. The CD I made for her is pretty good. I'm tryin to get her into some rap, since she wants to be black so bad. Ha. It's got some good stuff on it. Some good Kanye, Electric, Public Enemy, Big Noyd, Wu Tang, Blackstar.

It's funny. If you see me in the hall, you'd never see me as the hip hop fan I am. I mean true hip-hop, not 97.5 shit. Underground, unsigned, 'backpackin' hip-hop. Nah, on the outside I just look like a fuckin nerd.

Music: Gangstarr- "Deadly Habitz"
Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
2:53 pm
My l33t monk skillz
Today I tried to utter no word for 24 hours. Thats right; a vow of silence.
Well, I broke it with 21 hours to go.

Tomorrow, I will invent a new color.
Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
8:41 pm
Fast Food Misadventures...
I went to Taco Bell for lunch today. That was my first mistake right there. Taco Bell. Greasy, strained meat with day old cheese and brown lettuce is complete shit. But everyone goes to Taco Bell during lunch and you're a shmuck if you dont. "Hey Jenny! Where you going today?" "Taco Bell, yo!" "Me too! LOL! Jay Kay". Then the proceed to take 6 people each in their death-trap SUVs. So I skip the 7 car drive-thru and go inside. MISTAKE 2. Off the bat, I get in the wrong fucking line. Because of this, an old lady gets in front of me and orders 1 taco and a cup of water that totals up to like 97 cents. I order my shit, but she rings it infor dine in instead of to go. MISTAKE 3. Thus making my order take twice as fucking long as normal since they dont give a shit about the dine ins, just the drive thru and to go. I notice some employee applications and think about asking for one. But as I look at the staff, I'd probably have to brush up on my Spanish. "Nessicito ...these orders" the cashier told them. Still, "No se" and 5 hours later I get my meal. And because of that I got late back to class and from eating in mar car, I got cheese and shit in my car. Thanks a bunch Taco Bell assholes.

Tomorrow I'm going to Wendy's.
Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
9:38 pm
Livejournal, eh?
So this is LJ? Meh..
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